Angry Ventures

Angry Ventures is the consequence of people from diverse backgrounds coming together to idealize, craft and grow tech products. 

We’re designers, engineers, business developers and scientists that work together in a bullshit free environment with the goal of creating value. For everyone, in every project. 

We put our skills to work, combine different perspectives, and help clients get their tech on. We look deep into their challenges, question things up, and deliver an integrated response to what they could be doing that they are not.

Do we also build our own tech products? You bet we do. Awesome tools and softwares that were initially built to address the needs of our team but are now available to the public.

I know what you’re thinking. We must be just another digital agency, software house or consultancy company. Well, that’s were you got it wrong. We’re all of those and none of those. 

What differentiates us is not only what we do, but the way we do it. Go ahead, see it for yourself. Our Blog:

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